Guillaume Deneufbourg has been working as a freelance translator from Dutch and English into French since 2002. He is a permanent lecturer in translation at the University of Mons (Belgium) and a guest lecturer at the University of Lille (France).

From Mons, Belgium


I have been a freelance translator since 2002 (Dutch and English to French). I have translated in various fields since I made my debut on the translation scene, but I now specialize in three areas:

  • Editorial: press/journalism, for-print fiction and nonfiction, arts and culture
  • Administrative and government affairs: international institutions, politics
  • Human sciences: essays, specialized press articles, scientific papers

I have been translating fiction and nonfiction books since 2015 and am accredited by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. I also translate poetry, theatre plays and for various (literary) magazines, including America, Courrier International, Wilfried and Septentrion. I have also been the translation coordinator for the Belgian news website DaarDaar since 2015.

In the field of international relations, I have worked as an individual contractor for the Flemish government (since 2007), for the United Nations (Department for General Assembly and Conference Management, DGACM – since 2016) and for the US government (Department of State, Air Force) since 2014.

Since 2019, I also bring my experience of the translation industry to the communication agency Right Ink, based in Mons, Belgium.

In addition to an MA in Translation from the University of Mons, Belgium, I hold a Post-Master’s Degree in Translation Studies and a Research Education Certificate. Over the years, I have pursued training opportunities in literary translation at the European Centre of Literary Translation (CETL) and taken part in various translation workshops in Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Paris.

In addition to being a practicing translator, I am also a teacher. I am passionate about linguistics and translation studies and conduct research in this field at the University of Mons, Belgium, where I also teach translation. I have also been a guest lecturer at the University of Lille, France, since 2010. I have given more than 50 lectures and talks around Europe and in the US (notably at the American Translators Association Annual Conferences in San Francisco in 2016 and in New Orleans in 2018).

In 2017, I was selected for the Prix Révélation de Traduction literary translation prize from the French writers association Société des Gens de Lettres for my French translation entitled “N’écrire pour personne” of the Dutch novel “Belangrijk is dat ik niet aan lezers denk”, by A.L. Snijders.

In 2019, I won the first prize of the United Nations St. Jerome Award. In 2020, I took second place.

In 2021, my translation of S. van der Vlugt’s Midnight Blue (Bleu de Delft, Éditions Philippe Rey) was selected for the Euregio Literary Translation Award.

Published works

Books – Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Mak, Geert, De Grandes Espérances, traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), 700 p., Ed. Gallimard, 2021 (à paraître)
  • Driessen, Martin Michael, Le Saint, 250 p., traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Ed. Ph. Rey, 2021 (à paraître)
  • Vlugt (van der), Simone, La fabrique, 421 p., traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Ed. Ph. Rey, Apr 2021
  • Aernoudt, Rudy, Coronavirus, électrochoc pour la Belgique ?, traduit du néerlandais (Belgique), Eds Mardaga, July 2020
  • Vlugt (van der), Simone, La maîtresse du peintre, 320 p., traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Ed. Ph. Rey, Apr 2020
  • Buijsman, Stefan, Un café avec Archimède, traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), 220 p., Magnart-Vuibert, Mar 2020
  • Vlugt (van der), Simone, Neige rouge, 510 p., traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Ed. Ph. Rey, May 2019
  • Pintelon, Olivier, Ce temps qui nous manque, traduit du néerlandais (Belgique), 250 p., Es Luc Pire, Nov 2019
  • Vlugt (van der), Simone, Bleu de Delft, 320 p., traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Ed. Ph. Rey, April 2018
  • Snijders, AL, N’écrire pour personne, 347 p., traduit du néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Éditions de l’Observatoire, August 2017


  • Van Loo, Bart, Les Téméraires, Podcast en huit épisodes, 12 heures, La Première, Juin 2021

Magazines & journals

  • Le Courrier International, weekly news magazine, since 2016, Paris
  • America, quarterly magazine, since 2017, Paris
  • Wilfried Magazine & Eddy Magazine, Brussels, since 2019, Brussels
  • Psychologie Positive – Bimonthly Magazine, published by Oracom, Paris
  • Les Merveilles de la Science – Bimonthly Magazine, published by Oracom, Paris
  • Septentrion, Literary Magazine

Academic (non-translation)

  • La formation grammaticale du traducteur, Presses universitaires du Septentrion, Collection Traductologie, Contributeur – Article intitulé « Sensibiliser les traducteurs aux finesses épistémiques et modales : le cas de l’évidentialité ».


  • 2021 – Euregio Literary Translation Award – finalist
  • 2020 – United Nations St. Jerome Translation Award – second-prize winner
  • 2019 – United Nations St. Jerome Translation Award – first-prize winner
  • 2017 – Prix « Révélation » de la Société des gens de Lettres, Paris – finalist